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The SWCHS Faculty - All School Retreat 2016

Staff and Faculty

  Name Title Group Contact
Michelle Agrimson Agrimson, Michelle Receptionist Staff
Kit Avery Avery, Kit Personal Finance Faculty
Carol Barrett Barrett, Carol Finance Assistant Staff
Dan Beckering Beckering, Dan Head of School Administration
Mark Bell Bell, Mark Facility Manager Staff
Steven Bell Bell, Steven Site Supervisor, 2nd Shift Staff
Thor Benson Benson, Thor Science Faculty
Matt Berka Berka, Matt English Faculty
Ann Broscoff Broscoff, Ann Director of Student Services, Biology Administration
Paula Carley Carley, Paula Art Faculty
Donald Carlson Carlson, Donald Bible Instructor Faculty
Kellen Clarksean Clarksean, Kellen Learning Specialist Staff
Celeste Coy Coy, Celeste Lunch Program Staff
Abby DuMoulin DuMoulin, Abby Receptionist Staff
Austin Dyck Dyck, Austin Math Faculty
Dan Ehresmann Ehresmann, Dan Science, Department Chair Faculty
Cindy Eidem Eidem, Cindy Director of Finance and Accounting Administration
Lorri Eiswald Eiswald, Lorri Lunch Program Staff
Pete Flint Flint, Pete Dean of Faculty, Science Faculty
Brian Goldie Goldie, Brian Campus Chaplain, Bible Faculty
Heidi Gravelle Gravelle, Heidi School Counselor Counselors
Kristie Groen Groen, Kristie Spanish Faculty
Stephanie Gullifer Gullifer, Stephanie Art Faculty
Kristie Gusa Gusa, Kristie Nurse Staff
Jarryd Haag Haag, Jarryd Physical Education Faculty
Barb Hoklin Hoklin, Barb English Faculty
Stacy Horkey Horkey, Stacy Lunch Program Manager Staff
Darin Keizer Keizer, Darin Athletic Director Administration 952-443-6128
Curtis Kettler Kettler, Curtis Choir Director Faculty
John Konkel Konkel, John Faculty
Katie Larson Larson, Katie School Counselor Counselors
Vicky McKenzie McKenzie, Vicky Lunch Program Staff
Patrick Mealey Mealey, Patrick History/Social Studies, Theatre Faculty
Alex Mytnik Mytnik, Alex Latin Faculty
Annebet Pettit Pettit, Annebet English Faculty
Barb Rengel Rengel, Barb Learning Specialist Staff
Emily Robertson Robertson, Emily Marketing and Communications Manager Administration
Leslie Robertson Robertson, Leslie Development Manager Administration
Greg Sayuk Sayuk, Greg Video, Graphic Arts, Health Faculty
Gary Schmidt Schmidt, Gary Geography Faculty
Gary Shelton Shelton, Gary Engineering Faculty
Kathy Simanek Simanek, Kathy Nurse Staff
Ruth Smith Smith, Ruth Registered Nurse Staff 952-479-6240
Jeff Verdoorn Verdoorn, Jeff Bible Faculty
Kayle Vick Vick, Kayle Director of Operations Administration 952-479-6236
Ron Vis Vis, Ron Math Faculty
Breanna Wakefield Wakefield, Breanna Spanish Faculty
Brett Walters Walters, Brett English Faculty
Rob Wassenaar Wassenaar, Rob Dean of Students Administration
Patrick Welle Welle, Patrick Math Faculty
Peter Welle Welle, Peter Social Studies Faculty
Lacey West West, Lacey Band Faculty
Jason Wipf Wipf, Jason Instructional Technology Coordinator & Social Studies Teacher Faculty
Allison Witthus Witthus, Allison Director of Admissions Administration
"I look back on my time at Southwest, with many fond memories of classmates and faculty. And as I try to pinpoint why I had such a positive experience, one word keeps coming to mind - commitment.  At Southwest, the administration and faculty, are committed to the spiritual growth and the academic success of each student. It is this commitment that changes students' lives and impacts everyone who attends. "
Jessica Amos

Class of 2001