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The curriculum at Southwest Christian emphasizes understanding and living out a biblical worldview in every class.

While focusing on establishing a strong biblical worldview, Southwest Christian also teaches discernment of other worldviews, including secular humanism, naturalism, and postmodernism. Students are encouraged to think Christianly about all areas of life. We seek to be a school where students can ask honest questions, and where discovery of truth is more important than merely telling truth. In the faith-formative years of adolescence, students must be given permission to connect life-giving truth with their deepest needs, desires, relationships and hopes for the future. It is our goal and desire to be leaders in the discovery process as we seek to build up each student as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

2018–2019 Curriculum Guide

"I can remember sitting in my first math class and the teacher began he prayed out loud. I remember sitting in my desk and thinking "is this allowed? Can teachers pray in front of us?" It was so refreshing to be able to be surrounded with people that I could discuss my struggles and to know that I had an entire staff praying for me, was a huge encouragement."

Ian Engstrom
Class of 2012