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Student Services

Student Services

Southwest Christian believes that our responsibility as a school is to provide an opportunity for as many students as we are able to adequately serve to be educated in a Christian environment.

The school strives to meet the educational needs of students ranging from average to well above average. Yet we also recognize that some students may need some extra support to be successful at SWCHS. To meet those needs, the school has developed several programs to support various levels of learning needs. The following programs exist at Southwest Christian to help identified students with their learning:

Learning Lab

This class offers a degree of structure and support in completing homework, papers, and projects, as well as in preparing for tests in a guided-study-hall type of environment. Students will regularly meet with the instructor, receiving individual support and guidance in their work. The class is taken as an elective and students earn credit.

The Discovery Program

This program offers educational therapy for neurological stimulation of the pathways to the brain to stimulate deficit areas in cognition and perception as developed by the National Institute for Learning Development. The program is administered in a one-on-one setting. This is taken as an elective at Southwest Christian and the student receives credit for successfully completing the program. There is an added cost for this program.

Homework Center

Is homework taking longer than it should?  Does your student need extra help with homework occasionally, help for a long term project, or just a study partner to help prepare for a tests, quizzes and weekly assignments?

The SWCHS Homework Center might be the answer. This program will give students the opportunity to have “Homework Helpers” or “Study Buddies” who are upperclassman or who have advanced skills in that subject area. This gives the individuals who are strong in a particular class, the opportunity to help their classmates. This could include  preparation for a short term project, help studying for a test, or help in catching up on  late or missing assignments. Whether a student needs help with one assignment, or needs consistent homework help on a routine basis, both will be available. Meeting times will vary at school before school on late start days and/or after school (Monday–Thursday) and possibly during open hours.

Is your student gifted in a particular subject that may be hard for others and enjoys helping others? There is a need for study partners; especially in math, science, and Spanish. If your student(s) is/are interested in being a study partner, applications are available at the front desk. If your student(s) is/are strong in any of the subjects above, please have him/her take time to fill out this application. It is a goal to pair each study partner to work with one student throughout the year at a prearranged time. Please fill out an application as soon as possible.

If your student(s) is looking to receive help in a specific subject, please contact Mrs. Broscoff. We will start pairing students as soon as applications come in. Thank you in advance for talking to your students regarding being a study partner or receiving help.

Consultation Services

The Director of Academics at SWCHS may be contacted regarding academic concerns of any student. Issues may involve academic frustration or failure, recommendations for testing, or appropriate accommodations for students diagnosed with learning disabilities. Services are available to SWCHS and non-SWCHS students. There is no fee for the initial consultation.

For further information on any of the above programs, please contact the Director of Student Services.

"The SWCHS community is the most genuine, purposeful and loving community we've ever been a part of. When our daughter attended, we knew that everyday she would be challenged, valued, educated, and developed in a way that honored God."


Bob & Lori Freeman
SWCHS Alumni Parents