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Admissions - Applicant Criteria

Applicant Criteria

Southwest Christian looks for students who have a desire to grow in the Lord, a desire to learn, and a desire to work together as a part of the greater community.

A desire to grow in the Lord

The student will have made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. The student should be able to exhibit a desire to follow Christ and have a current testimony of an active relationship with Him.

A desire to learn

A student's previous academic performance will help to determine his/her readiness for the academic programs offered at SWCHS. In general, grades should be at a "C" or above in the previous two academic years and standardized tests should be at or above grade level in reading and math.

Learn more about Student Services which address students' unique learning needs.

A desire to work together

Southwest Christian views its role as one of partnering with and assisting parents in the training of its students.  We ask that parents be in agreement with the vision, philosophy, and values of SWCHS and be committed to working with the school to accomplish them.