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The Southwest Christian High School athletic program seeks to develop athletes who pursue excellence in sports and spiritual maturity in Christ within a culture that values commitment, integrity and discipline.




Commitment is the building block for creating a culture of excellence. Commitment for SWCHS Student-Athletes, staff and coaches means we will honor God in everything by being committed to serve and honor teammates and coaches; to work, practice and compete with joy and great effort; to be physically and mentally prepared; and be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.




Integrity is to be honorable and consistent in principles, intentions and actions. Coaches and athletes will hold each other accountable to be upright and fair in word and deed. In practice and competition when faced with challenges or temptations, our character will not compromise or decay, but instead, we will stand firm on the moral teachings and values of Jesus Christ.




Discipline is the character trait that helps an athlete and team develop a consistent work ethic, self-control, and focus needed to accomplish and reach goals.  Discipline breeds success in the classroom, in competition and assists in spiritual growth.  SWCHS athletes will see discipline is a choice and that progress and improvement come from hard work, persevering through challenging circumstances and finishing tasks to the best of their abilities.

At Southwest Christian, there is a common element between the academic and athletic programs; specifically, students who desire to achieve at a high level. With approximately 75% of the student body participating in competitive sports, students learn the value of integrating academics and athletics into their educational experience. Participants in the athletic program at Southwest are regarded not just as athletes, but as student-athletes. Therefore, consideration is given to their academic schedules and they are held to a high standard of academic excellence.

We are committed to creating athletic opportunities for our students. In order to foster these important athletic experiences for our students, ALL freshman who try out for a sport will make a team. Student athletes are challenged to reach their fullest potential in their sport(s) through practice, hard work, determination and competition with the goal of establishing successful winning sports programs. All activities within the athletic program reflect the mission and vision of Southwest Christian High School and embody the school’s commitment to the discipleship of students.

Official member of the Minnesota State High School League and the Minnesota Christian Athletic Association.


Meet the A.D.

Darin Keizer

Athletic Director
Work- 952-443-6128
Cell- 712-301-5077

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