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Lunch Program

Food Services is provided to students in partnership with Lunch Thyme.

General Information

Lunch price: $4.25
  • Hot lunch, salad bar, or sandwich line 
  • Includes milk
Snacks: $0.50+
Additional beverages: $1.25+
A la carte items: $1.50+
Breakfast: $1.50+


Prepay Information

All hot lunch funds are administered through, an online program, where parents can add funds and monitor lunch usage.  In addition, we strongly recommend that you register and set up a low balance alert.

To add money to your student's lunch account:

Online - preferred 
  • If you are a new user, click to register and select the Premier Package option
  • Once you have entered the information, select Manage Students
  • Enter your child's name and Student ID number (Your child's Student ID is his/her 7-digit Educate ID)
  • You can now load money in your child's lunch account.  (There is a $1.95 fee for each transaction to deposit online.) 
  • When you first register, you will need to wait to be verified by K12 before your account is activated


  • Submit cash or check payment (payable to SWCHS) and give to the lunch cashier or in the black box on the lunch room wall. 
​***Parents: Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your child's account! If you child's account goes -$25, they will not be allowed to purchase any items.
If you have any questions, please contact the Southwest Food Services Manager.

Lunch Menus

* All gluten-free meal orders must be placed with the Food Services Manager before Tuesday at noon, the week prior.