Discipleship Model

Southwest Christian High School embraces a Discipleship Model in its philosophy of education.

Southwest Christian High School is committed to using a discipleship model. SWCHS staff and faculty seek to build up students as disciples of Jesus Christ in every aspect of the school: in classrooms, athletics, fine arts, weekly discipleship groups, weekly Encounter chapels, on service days, mission trips, in our social events, and even through our admissions process.

A key component to our discipleship model are our discipleship groups, which are led by staff, faculty, and board members, and parents. Each group has around 10 students and one adult leader and meets on Friday during school for encouragement, learning, and accountability. These groups are often the highlight of a student’s week!

Our staff and faculty uses the discipleship model to educate students in all subjects (math, science, english, foreign languages, history, fine arts, etc.) through a distinctly biblical worldview. This does not mean teachers throw in a random Bible verse in a lecture just to make it “Christian.” Rather, a biblical worldview is expressed out of educators that live by the Spirit of Christ, empowered by Him to live righteously and lovingly. The staff starts the week with morning devotions and prayer, and students are often prayed for by name. Faculty teach their subjects “in light of the Word of God, since it is impossible to truly understand creation without knowing the Creator.”

At Southwest Christian, the curriculum stresses the understanding of a biblical worldview as well as other worldviews: secular humanism, naturalism, cosmic humanism, postmodernism, and more. At the same time, Southwest Christian seeks to be a school where students can ask honest questions and where the discovery of Truth is more important than merely telling Truth. In the faith-formative years of adolescence, students must be given permission to connect life-giving Truth with their deepest needs, desires, relationships, and hopes for the future. It is our goal and desire to be leaders in the discovery process as we seek to build up each student as a disciple of Jesus Christ.