Our Values

Southwest Christian High School believes that absolute truth exists and is revealed through creation, Scripture, and the person of Christ. As the secular society around us embraces relativism, Southwest Christian holds firmly to the belief that God has established absolutes that are true for all people, in all places and for all time. Truth exists independently of our knowledge and acceptance of it; therefore, our role is to discover it. SWCHS is committed to helping every student seek, know, live, and proclaim Truth.

The term “disciple” is derived from the Koine Greek word mathetes, which means a pupil or an apprentice. As a discipleship school, our teachers and staff are intentional in teaching, mentoring, praying for, encouraging, challenging, and supporting every student to train them up into mature disciples of Jesus Christ. This process of discipleship is at the very heart of all we do both inside and outside of the classroom and is the basis for all learning at Southwest Christian.

We take our commitment to Biblical worldview education very seriously. God has called us to do everything as if working for the Lord, and we know this calling holds us to a higher standard. We diligently strive for excellence in our staff, teachers, curriculum, programming, and outreach. In every endeavor, we exist to bring honor and glory to God.

College Preparation
Southwest Christian coursework is rigorous and our graduates are thoroughly prepared for their post-secondary education and beyond. The curriculum includes a focus on analytical thinking, effective writing, and integrates technology with the goal of preparing the 21st-century learner. Southwest Christian provides students with a robust and diverse set of academic opportunities including well-rounded offerings in honors, advanced placement, Post-Secondary On Site (PSOS) classes, and Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO). SWCHS equips students with life skills and tools to grow in their relationship with Christ beyond high school in both secular and Christian environments.

Parents often say the depth and authenticity of the Christian community they discovered at Southwest Christian were unexpected blessings. Students are known, valued, cared for, and encouraged to love one another as Christ loves the church. Lifelong friendships are formed here between students, faculty, and parents. Southwest Christian believes strongly in discipleship through the effective partnerships between parents, the school, and the local church. Therefore, SWCHS offers abundant and meaningful ways for parents, relatives, alumni, friends, and pastors to actively engage in all that is happening at SWCHS.