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Our Vision

Southwest Christian High School exists to develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ who seek, know, live, and proclaim the Truth and glorify God through academic, artistic, and athletic excellence.

Southwest Christian strives to accomplish this vision by encouraging and equipping our students to:

SEEK the Truth
Southwest Christian High School believes that absolute Truth exists and is revealed through creation, Scripture, and the person of Christ. Southwest Christian encourages its students in each area of study to seek God’s truth while honestly assessing all truth claims, even those in opposition to the Biblical worldview. Our goal is to see graduates leave Southwest Christian with an understanding of the false truth claims impacting those around them and a hunger for a deeper understanding of God’s Truth.

KNOW the Truth
Southwest Christian High School believes that God desires all men to know the Truth. Although we approach the discovery of these revealed truths with humility, recognizing that we are finite and impacted by sin in our attempts to gain knowledge, Southwest Christian rejects the idea that all knowledge and truth claims are relative and therefore can’t be trusted. Instead, we encourage our students to believe that true knowledge is rooted in the revelation of God and is knowable.

LIVE the Truth
Southwest Christian High School believes that God is good, that morality comes from his His goodness, and that humanity has the opportunity and responsibility to conform to God’s goodness for His glory. In response to this, Southwest Christian encourages students to be set-apart for Christ and to follow Him through thoughts and actions. SWCHS encourages students to compassionately engage culture but not to conform to it; to not merely hear God, but to be obedient to His voice; and to strive to be instruments of God’s redemption for a lost world.

PROCLAIM the Truth
Southwest Christian High School believes that God desires all men to know the Truth. Southwest Christian strives to help students see that they are image-bearers of God and that He has called us to make disciples, spreading the Truth that we have sought and known. Southwest Christian seeks to assist students in finding their unique gifting, so they might proclaim God’s Truth in their calling and spheres of influence to which that calling brings them. It is our hope that this influence will spring from a life that seeks, knows, and authentically lives the Truth.