Career Resources

College Navigator Resource


The Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS) is an online resource for students to research interests, careers, colleges, and scholarships. Students are encouraged to use MCIS throughout their four years at Southwest Christian to learn more about themselves, their interests, and to apply that information while searching for colleges and scholarship opportunities their junior and senior years.

Learn more about MCIS here!

Tabs in MCIS

  • PLAN > Create career and course plans
  • ASSESSMENT > Take inventories to find out learning styles and interests. All students will complete MCIS inventories throughout their four years at Southwest Christian High School. However, each inventory can be taken more than once.
  • OCCUPATIONS >Research different career fields and specific jobs using the results of inventories in the assessments tab.
    1. Search different two-year, four-year, and technical colleges based on career interest, location, and more.
    2. Track school applications to keep well organized during the college search.
    3. Learn how to start saving and paying for college.
    4. Complete scholarship searches.
  • EMPLOYMENT > Complete a resume, search for jobs, learn about self-employment, and prepare yourself to be successful in a job
  • MY PORTFOLIO > Create a career plan, track your college applications, create a personal learning plan, and take free test prep and practice tests for the ACT, SAT, PSAT, etc.

Paying for College

There are many forms of financial aid available to help students and families pay for college. Financial aid includes money students don’t have to pay-back (grants and scholarships), money students will have to pay-back (student loans), and money students earn (work-study programs). Some students may be eligible for need-based financial aid, but many of our students qualify for merit-based financial aid based on standardized test scores and overall GPA.


Below are some websites that can help you search for scholarships online.

  • Fastweb | Fastweb not only finds students scholarships but also provides a plethora of information and guidance as students find their college or first job.
  • GCU CCSC Scholarship| Grand Canyon University launched the Canyon Christian Schools Consortium (CCSC) in January 2011 to offer parents a return on their investment for sending their children to a Christian high school.
  • Scholarships | One of the most widely-used free college scholarship search and financial aid information resources on the Internet.
  • Student Scholarships | Information regarding academic scholarships, majors, career profiles, college course outlines, and more.
  • College Scholarships | Links to school websites, applications, and admission/financial aid emails organized by state as well as scholarship links.
  • Tuition Funding Sources | Scholarship search engine with career personality test and detailed career information. Includes both national scholarships and many individual college and university scholarships.