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Southwest Christian High school is a college-preparatory school that emphasizes six core areas of study: English, history, Bible/theology, math, science, and world languages

A combination of several curriculum sources is used, including original source documents, classical literature, and both Christian and secular publishers.

PSOS/CIS: SWCHS offers classes taught by our teachers that earn dual high school and college credit. Because these courses are aligned with Crown College and the University of Northwestern-St. Paul, students will need to apply to those schools as well.

While focusing on establishing a strong biblical worldview, Southwest Christian also teaches discernment of other worldviews, including secular humanism, naturalism, and postmodernism. SWCHS encourages students to ask honest questions. In the faith-formative years of adolescence, students must be given permission to connect life-giving truth with their deepest needs, desires, relationships, and hopes for the future. All staff, including teachers, administrators, directors, and coaches are leaders in the discovery process as we seek to build up each student as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Thor Benson

Dr. Thor Benson

Dean of Faculty, Biology Faculty

First Year at SWCHS: 2015

Dr. Thor Benson serves as our Dean of Faculty and seeks to cultivate an engaging teaching and learning environment for our students and faculty. He continually seeks ways to foster collaboration and instructional growth among the faculty. He teaches PSOS dual enrollment Biology as well as Earth & Space Science and has been the head coach for the boys' lacrosse program since its inception. Since starting his teaching career in 2002, Dr. Benson has held a variety of roles as a teacher in K-8 physical education, middle school and high school science, and as a college professor. 

During his 10 years in higher education, he was a professor of science education and the director of the college’s honors program. Throughout his teaching experience, Dr. Benson has taught every grade from kindergarten to graduate students and has had the privilege of teaching a few students during their elementary, high school, and college careers. Dr. Benson also serves as a Teaching for Transformation school designer with the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education, helping schools engage in distinctively Christian learning. 

Dr. Benson and his wife, Kettie, live in Chanhassen and have three children, Molly, Lily, and Soren. They attend Grace Church. As an extreme extrovert and mediocre athlete, Dr. Benson can be found playing a sport or lawn game if he is not mountain biking or hanging with family.


Dean of Faculty: To challenge, serve and support the SW faculty, equipping them to more fully invite students to seek, know, live, and proclaim the truth.

Biology Faculty: To know God as Creator, to engage in the order, beauty & chaos of his creation and join him in the restoration of all things new.

Ann Broscoff

Ann Broscoff

Director of Student Services

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