Student Services

The Student Support Services Program exists to enable every student who learns differently to achieve his or her highest potential in Christ. Recognizing that every individual is created with varying types and amounts of strengths and weaknesses, we are striving to meet the educational needs of students ranging from average to well-above average in ability. To meet those needs, the school created several programs to support various levels of learning needs. The following programs exist at Southwest Christian to help identify students with their learning:

Learning Lab

This class is open to students with diagnosed or demonstrated need (limit of 15 students, may be taken one or both semesters and in multiple years). The prerequisite for this class is the approval of school counselors or the director of student services. This is an opportunity for students to have a high degree of structure and support in completing homework, papers, and projects, as well as in preparing for tests in a guided, study-hall-type of environment. The learning lab teachers meet individually with each student on a regular basis to assist in planning for success on daily work and major assignments, papers and tests through the use of a personal assignment notebook or a more structured ledger.

Individualized Learning Plan

An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is created for every student enrolled at SWCHS who has a diagnosed disability that has an impact on performance in the classroom. This profile provides a brief background on the student, including his or her strengths and weaknesses, and suggestions regarding adaptations or modifications that may be necessary for this student to be successful. It fulfills the documentation requirements for qualifying for accommodations at the college level and on standardized tests. Contact the director of student services for more information.

Learning Specialists

A learning specialist is assigned to every student at SWCHS with an ILP. The role of the learning specialist is to assist the student, his/her parents, and his/her teachers in utilizing the accommodations on his/her ILP to provide the best environment for academic success. Learning Lab classes are conducted by the learning specialist, so if the student is in Learning Lab, he/she is able to meet with with his/her LS during the LL class time. The specialists will schedule times to meet with students, who are not in Learning Lab, outside of class time, before or after school, or during lunch. The frequency and consistency of these meetings will be determined by the needs of the student and scheduling needs of the student and LS.

Homework Center

This program gives students the opportunity to have “homework helpers” or “study buddies” who are upperclassmen or who have advanced skills in that subject area. This gives individuals, who are strong in a particular class, the opportunity to help their classmates. This could include preparation for a short term project, helping study for a test, or catching up on late or missing assignments. Whether a student needs help with one assignment or consistent help on a routine basis, both will be available.

Students will meet with their Homework Center helper at school, with meeting times arranged according to the time of the individuals involved. These may include meeting before school, after school, during lunch, and/or possibly during open hours.

If your student is gifted in a particular subject, there is a need for “homework helpers.” This is a great resume-building opportunity for students who enjoy helping others, especially in the areas of math, science, and Spanish. If your student is interested in being a study partner, applications are available at the front desk. If your student is strong in any of the subjects above, please have them take time to fill out this application. It is a goal to pair each study partner to work with one student throughout the year at a prearranged time. Contact Mrs. Broscoff for an application.

If your student is looking to receive help in a specific subject, please contact Ann Broscoff, the director of student services.

Consultation Services

The director of student services may be contacted regarding academic concerns of any student (whether enrolled at SWCHS or not), at any grade level. Issues may involve academic frustration or failure, recommendations for testing, or appropriate accommodations for students diagnosed with learning disabilities. An hourly consultation fee may be assessed after initial consultations for follow-up for any non-SWCHS students. All consultations will follow the SWCHS policies of confidentiality.