Discipleship Groups

Student life begins with a common vision to seek, know, live, and proclaim the Truth of Jesus Christ and expands into all areas of life for the student. Discipleship groups (D-groups) are groups of 8-10 students led by an SWCHS staff member or parent who works to create an encouraging environment of discipleship every week. Freshmen will be placed in a discipleship group of the same gender their first year at SWCHS and remain with their group/leader for the remainder of their high school years.

The SWCHS block schedule dedicates time on Wednesdays for discipleship groups to meet and the D-groups will attend service day together each semester.



Encounter is our weekly chapel service held on Wednesday mornings. The purpose of Encounter is to create a space where the entire community together has the opportunity for a meaningful encounter with God. We create these opportunities through student-led worship, Christian speakers or artists, student and staff testimonies, and other creative expressions. Parents are invited to join us each week for this time of community worship & fellowship.