Student Leadership

House System

In 2021 SWCHS implemented a new house system. Each house has its own virtue, Bible verse, motto, logo, and animal. Every student, staff, and faculty member is a part of a house. The house system serves to build and strengthen relationships across the broader SWCHS community by providing unique and purposeful events, competitions, and connections.

SWCHS student leadership exists within the four houses. These leadership positions include:
– House Captains
– House Secretaries

House captains and secretaries play a major role in creating their unique House culture and providing provide valuable insights, ideas, planning, and leadership for our year-round competitions, community building, and SWCHS events (ie. All School Retreat and Homecoming Week). Each spring, new House leaders are nominated by peers and go through an application and interview process with faculty before being chosen to serve.

Contact Mr. Wassenaar if interested!

Student Committees

Student committees are formed in the fall of each year. Each committee elects a committee chair.

  • Hospitality Committee
  • Service Committee
  • Social Committee
  • Spiritual Life Committee
  • Sports Committee

Contact Mr. Wassenaar if interested!


Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are a group of select student leaders who are role models and represent the student body of Southwest Christian with a positive attitude, enthusiasm for the school, and Christ-like character.

Ambassadors offer a warm welcome and a comprehensive understanding of Southwest Christian’s educational opportunities and student experience for prospective students and their families. Student Ambassadors embody the school vision to develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ who seek to know, live and proclaim the Truth and glorify God through academic, artistic and athletic excellence. The roles of a SWCHS student ambassador include:

  • Tour Guide | Ambassadors provide informative campus tours to visiting prospective students and families
  • Student Host | Ambassadors host prospective students who “shadow” at Southwest Christian and guide them through a typical day as a SWCHS student
  • Open House Representative | Ambassadors welcome new families at Open House events and provide group or individual family tours
  • Panelist | Ambassadors may be called to be a part of a student panel and respond to questions from prospective students and parents during open houses
  • Transfer Buddy | Ambassadors welcome transfer students, orient them to the school and introduce them to other students
  • School Representative | Ambassadors assist with outside promotional events as school representatives
  • Social Media | Ambassadors may be asked represent Southwest Christian through social media, advertising, student profiles and/or student blogs.

Contact: Mrs. Rengel if interested!