75% of our student body is involved in an athletic program. The Southwest Christian High School athletic program seeks to develop athletes who pursue excellence in sports and spiritual maturity in Christ within a culture that values commitment, integrity and discipline.


Southwest Christian is dedicated to offering a wide variety of music, art, and theater classes and co-curricular opportunities for our students to explore. We believe God should be glorified through our gifts and talents in singing, instrumental music, drawing, painting, ceramics, theater, photography, and much more. Because we were created in the image of God the Creator, we have an insatiable desire to create, express the truths of the world we live in, and express our joys, sorrows, and other emotions through the arts.

Student Life

Our goal is for each student to know they belong. We want them to experience a friendly, deep, and rich community. We believe our community provides many experiences for students to get involved—either as a leader or participant—trying new activities and striving in programs they are passionate about. Each student is loved and valued as a child of God and then encouraged to grow in their love for God and others.