The Accidentals

The Accidentals is an auditioned acapella group in the style of Pentatonix or the Swingle Singers. Students are required to sing for a minimum of one year in Concert Choir before they are eligible to audition for The Accidentals. In addition, students selected to be a part of The Accidentals must participate in one other vocal ensemble (Concert Choir, Chamber Singers, or Una Voce). The audition process consists of learning a portion of an acapella piece and singing it with other students to determine how well a student can not only learn a part on their own, but also how well their voice works with others. The group performs at the annual Jazz Cabaret night, the Christmas and Spring Concerts, various church and school events, and competes at the national level in ICHSA (International Championship of High School Acapella). The group is a national semi-finalist for ICHSA and is currently ranked as the top high school acapella group in the state of Minnesota. A full-year commitment is required.