Theater Production Activity Permission Form

  • Once you have been cast, please have your parent/guardian fill out the permission form and return it to Mr. Mealey.

Theater Points Form

  • The theater department uses a point system to determine who can audition for lead roles. Please fill out this form to request prior performances be considered in your point total. Please see Mr. Mealey with any questions.

Audition Tips

Program Information Form

Character Study

T-Shirt Order Form

Theater Expectations

  • Attend rehearsal. One should be on time and not miss more than 3 of the required rehearsals for any reason.
  • Treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Allow each other to take risks on stage, and always be supportive.
  • Stay positive.
  • Follow all direction given by Mr. Mealey and/or his assistants.
  • I understand that attendance is mandatory at the technical and dress rehearsals during the month before the show.
  • I understand that attendance at performances is mandatory.
  • I understand how important rehearsals are and that dentist, doctor, or other appointments should be scheduled around rehearsals.
  • If I get a script, I will return it, or pay $20.00
  • I understand that not adhering to any of the above items may result in my being asked to withdraw from this activity.
  • Have fun and put on a great show!