International Thespian Society

Thes”pi*an, a. [From L. Thespis, Gr., the founder of the Greek drama] of or pertaining to Thespian. An actor.

The International Thespian Society is an invitation-only group of students honored for their excellence in theater arts. The SWCHS Thespian Troupe is a club for students who enjoy being very involved in any or all aspects of theater. The society recognizes the dedication of theater participants by extending membership through a point system based on hours worked in any given theatrical production. Once you are in the club, it is expected that you will maintain a high level of participation.

How do you become a Thespian?

  • A student must earn 10 points and work on two productions over their four years in high school to become a Thespian. A high school International Thespian Society member receives:
    • One-year subscription to Dramatics magazine
    • Induction into the thespian society at the drama banquet
    • Membership card
    • Honor certificate for 25+ points received
    • Members may “letter” in theater at 40+ points
    • Honor Medal to be worn at graduation
    • Wonderful addition to a resume and/or portfolio
    • Thespians are eligible for scholarships on the state and international level

For more information on the International Thespian Society, please contact the SWCHS Theater Department Chair, Patrick Mealey