Our Athletic Philosophy

The Southwest Christian High School athletic program seeks to develop athletes who pursue excellence in spiritual maturity in Christ through sports within a culture that values commitment, integrity, and discipline.

Our Athletic Values


Commitment is the building block for creating a culture of excellence. Commitment for SWCHS student athletes, staff, and coaches means we will honor God in everything by being committed to serve and honor teammates and coaches; to work, practice, and compete with joy and great effort; to be physically and mentally prepared; and be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.


Integrity is to be honorable and consistent in principles, intentions and actions. Coaches and athletes will hold each other accountable to be upright and fair in word and deed. In practice and competition when faced with challenges or temptations, our character will not compromise or decay, but instead, we will stand firm on the moral teachings and values of Jesus Christ.


Discipline is the character trait that helps an athlete and team develop a consistent work ethic, self-control, and focus needed to accomplish and reach goals. Discipline breeds success in the classroom and in competition and assists in spiritual growth. SWCHS athletes will see discipline is a choice and that progress and improvement come from hard work, persevering through challenging circumstances, and finishing tasks to the best of their abilities.

Athletics News

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SWCHS Athletics Announces New Coaches

Southwest Christian hired three new coaches for the 2019-20 year, including former track & field olympian Shani John


SWCHS Co-Op Sports with Mound Westonka Continue To Expand

SWCHS continues to grow with partner Mound Westonka High School, adding football to the list of co-ops in the fall of 2019

SWCHS Nathan Denney

Nathan Denney Competes in Alpine Slalom State Championship

Nathan Denney placed 46th out of 88 skiers in the Minnesota State High School League Alpine Slalom Championships on February 13, 2019.


Come join us for a great evening to meet your student’s teachers and learn more about the ways your child is discipled and inspired to learn every day. ...

We are expanding our building, funding our scholarships, and having some big laughs while we’re at it!

Oct 9, 6:00 pm for the silent auction, 7:00 pm for the show!

Get your tickets at SWCHS.org/support and look for the Michael Jr Live! event tab and we’ll see you there!

Viewer Warning: we don’t normally do “cool” at the SWCHSstars IG account but we couldn’t help ourselves when our staff passed this along. Contact b_walters@swchs.org for audition info. ...

Join us tomorrow for Super Soccer Saturday at SWCHS! It’s a great day to hang out and have fun.

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Students, as a Christian school, we hope today you will remember 9/11/2001. Pray for the families remembering the 20th anniversary of their loved one’s death, for the Afghans suffering in that country’s current crisis, for the US military suffering wounds from their service and those wondering what their sacrifices were for, and for the health of our nation.

Above all, may we as Christians remember that our strength is not in money, power, or military might, the symbols of which terrorists attacked that day, but in the power of the Lord our God. He alone is our mighty fortress!

Also, there are excellent resources to help you understand this day—start with asking your parents and grandparents what they experienced, and then look for podcasts and documentaries about the day. A great book is “102 Minutes” about what happened inside the World Trade Center Towers. A great podcast that also suggests a Christian YouTube video about the attacks is at breakpoint.org/teaching-9-11-to-the-emerging-generation.

We have some students missing school this week, but for a very good reason: they’re presenting at the State Fair!

Here is Martha Steinhagen with her prize goat. Also look for Liam Wagaman and Zach Solberg presenting their technology in the education building on Labor Day (9/6 at 10, noon, and 3), and alumna Claire Carlson competing in the Visual Arts Competition also in the education building under Grade 12.

Way to show your talents, Stars!

We had so much fun welcoming our students back to school yesterday! Check out a fun drone video of the morning in our link in bio! ...