Our Athletic Philosophy

The Southwest Christian High School athletic program seeks to develop athletes who pursue excellence in spiritual maturity in Christ through sports within a culture that values commitment, integrity, and discipline.

Our Athletic Values


Commitment is the building block for creating a culture of excellence. Commitment for SWCHS student athletes, staff, and coaches means we will honor God in everything by being committed to serve and honor teammates and coaches; to work, practice, and compete with joy and great effort; to be physically and mentally prepared; and be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.


Integrity is to be honorable and consistent in principles, intentions and actions. Coaches and athletes will hold each other accountable to be upright and fair in word and deed. In practice and competition when faced with challenges or temptations, our character will not compromise or decay, but instead, we will stand firm on the moral teachings and values of Jesus Christ.


Discipline is the character trait that helps an athlete and team develop a consistent work ethic, self-control, and focus needed to accomplish and reach goals. Discipline breeds success in the classroom and in competition and assists in spiritual growth. SWCHS athletes will see discipline is a choice and that progress and improvement come from hard work, persevering through challenging circumstances, and finishing tasks to the best of their abilities.

Athletics News

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SWCHS Athletics Announces New Coaches

Southwest Christian hired three new coaches for the 2019-20 year, including former track & field olympian Shani Johnson.


Summer Camp Registration

2019 summer camp registration is open! We have a variety of summer camps ranging from 16 athletic camps to choose from and five art workshops!


SWCHS Co-Op Sports with Mound Westonka Continue To Expand

SWCHS continues to grow with partner Mound Westonka High School, adding football to the list of co-ops in the fall of 2019


We’re excited to see you back tomorrow! Don’t forget to check your schedule for class changes (location, period) and new Encounter seats! Your new seat is on your school site page, and a map of the auditorium is in our IG story. Also double check the new daily schedule and teacher lunch assignments! ...

This New Year’s Day, we pray our students will “shine as stars in the world, holding fast to the word of life.” (Phil.‬ ‭2:15-16)‬. We are grateful for our many blessings in a turbulent 2020 and look forward to a new year! ...

Merry Christmas to the SWCHS community from Mr. and Mrs. Beckering. Please watch their Christmas greeting at the link in bio! ...

Please join our community in praying for our students during final exams this week.

As a school, we value learning, so pray that our students would not grow weary in reviewing what they have learned this semester. Pray they have clarity on test day as they read directions and questions so that they accurately represent what they know and do their absolute best.

As a Christian school, we also want our students to know deep in their hearts that they are beloved children of God. In this season in which we sing and contemplate peace and calm, pray those virtues reign in our students’ minds and hearts during final exams and beyond.

Southwest Christian High School’s Jazz Band wishes you a very Merry Christmas! ...

Emily Ainslie was one of over 250 junior (under 18) competitors who qualified for the Maclay Finals, which takes place each year as part of the national horse show at the Kentucky Horse Park. In this particular competition, riders are judged on how well they manage their horse around a course of 10-15 jumps, most of which are 3’6” tall. Congrats, Emily!! ...

Congrats to our boys on the Mound Westonka/SWC football co/op team for winning homecoming last night! Great job, boys! ...