The robotics season kicks off in January. Every year, around 3,400 robotics teams watch a video stream describing the design challenge for the season. The teams have 45 days to design and build their entry to compete at regional competitions around the world. Six representatives of each region advance to the World Competition. The design challenge comes with a 125-page design specification that will test every team’s ability to work with software code writing, mechanical design, building skills, electrical wiring, and remote-control operation of their design.

The Warehouse Crew (SWCHS team name) qualified for the World Competition in 2017 under the leadership of Chad McNamara and Joshua Denney.

By participating in FIRST Robotics, students walk away with an experience that is the closest to real world learning that is possible at the high school level. This test of creativity, intelligence, and character is a great experience for our young engineers. Post-secondary institutions recognize the deep value of these experiences and have began using it as a criterion for registration applications to technical career path programs.

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