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Christ-Centered Environment

We exist to train disciples of Jesus Christ who desire to grow in their faith. 

College Preparatory

We offer standard, AP, and many college courses taught on campus by our faculty. 


Vibrant Culture

We strive to help our students reflect biblical values by loving God and loving others.


High Student Engagement

Our students participate in athletics, arts, clubs, committees, and many other areas of student life.

Admissions Criteria

The application process is not a first come, first served model, but instead is a rolling enrollment cycle. Our longstanding and thorough admissions process allows us to explore if SWCHS is a good fit for an applicant and if the applicant is a good fit for SWCHS. Our criteria for consideration of acceptance include but are not limited to:

Faith & Spiritual Commitment

The student and at least one parent:

  • Profess faith in Jesus Christ

  • Agree and align with our statement of faith, core beliefs, and values.

  • Participate regularly in Christian community, desiring to grow in their faith


The student:

  • Demonstrates he or she values learning

  • Academic history supports his or her ability to succeed in our learning environment

  • Possesses a willingness to engage and participate academically


The student:

  • Demonstrates a desire to be a cooperative member of our community who is positive, engaged, and contributes to the student body

  • Agrees to our expectations about student behavior and agrees to our pledge of integrity

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Admissions Process


Parents & students complete the online application explaining their desire to attend SWCHS and their agreement with the vision & statement of faith.

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Admissions Events

Taylor Filzen

Taylor Filzen

Associate Admissions Director
Barb Rengel

Barb Rengel

Director of Admissions