5 Step Admissions Process

Applications are now open for the 2023-2024 school year! Apply Here

Step 1: Schedule a Visit


Learn about SWCHS by taking a tour, attending a Shadow Day, Parent meeting or Information Night or just call our admissions office.  This is an opportunity to learn about our community & ask questions. 


Step 2: Complete Online Application


Applications for the 2023-2024 school year will open on October 1 online.

The application has sections for both parents and students to complete. Please expect the application to take 30-60 minutes to complete. Students will need to answer some short essay questions about themself and why they desire to attend SWCHS. 

Our application process is not a first come, first served model. Instead we consider all students that have completed their admissions process. Our first round of acceptance decisions will be in December.


Step 3: Complete Required Documentation


After a submitted application is processed, an online checklist will be assigned to each applicant. Families can access the checklist by logging into the website.  After you apply, you will be prompted to submit the following forms:

  • English & math teacher recommendations (not necessary for transfers)
  • Character reference from pastor, youth leader, or Christian mentor 
  • School records (transcripts and other records) from current school


Step 4: Interview


After all the application materials are in, including the school records, character reference and recommendations, we will conduct interviews with the student and at least one parent. 

Please allow one week to set up an interview after all your application materials are submitted.


Step 5: Acceptance

Our application process is not a first come, first served model. We consider all students that have completed their admissions process in acceptance rounds. Our first round of acceptance decisions will be in December.

Acceptance Criteria
Our longstanding and thorough admissions process allows us to explore if SWCHS is a good fit for an applicant and if the applicant is a good fit for SWCHS.  Our criteria for consideration of acceptance are, but are not limited to:

Faith/Spiritual Commitment | The student and at least one parent:

  • Profess faith in Jesus Christ
  • Participate regularly in Christian community, desiring to grow in their faith
  • Are in agreement with and align to our statement of faith, core beliefs and values: see on our website What We Believe

Academics | The student:

  • Demonstrates he or she values learning
  • Possesses a willingness to engage and participate academically
  • Academic history supports his or her ability to succeed in our learning environment

Community | The student:

  • Demonstrates a desire to be a cooperative member of our community who is positive, engaged and contributes to the student body
  • Agrees to our expectations about student behavior and agrees to our pledge of integrity

Decision Process

  • Acceptances will begin at the end of December
  • Acceptances will be communicated by email
  • Mid-year transfer students will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • Acceptance will be extended based on determined fit, not on a first-come, first-served basis