Tim Hawkins Show

Tim Hawkins will perform at Southwest Christian High School on Monday, November 6 at 6 p.m. All proceeds will go to the capital campaign and the scholarship fund.


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$70: Main Floor
$60: Mezzanine

Seats will be assigned based on the date of purchase. You will be notified of your seat assignment prior to the event.

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About Tim:

Over the past three decades, comedian Tim Hawkins has gone from open mic nights at regional comedy clubs to headlining 90-minute sets nationwide. A committed family man, Hawkins built his career poking fun at the things in his world that he finds funny, intentionally keeping his comedy clean, without sacrificing the quality of his work. The Missouri native first began making a name for himself on YouTube, posting anecdotes about homeschooling, marriage, and real-life mishaps. He has released eight full-length DVDs, as well as five albums, amassing fans thanks to countless song parodies like “Chick-fil-A,” where he proclaims his unadulterated love for the popular fast food chain, and his most-streamed song, “Pretty Pink Tractor,” his original spin on a signature Jason Aldean track. His parodies have made him a YouTube sensation. Hawkins has been sharing his original songs live alongside his stories and stand-up bits, averaging in excess of 100 shows annually for more than ten years. In addition, he’s recorded over a hundred episodes of his popular “Poddy Break” podcast and currently hosts “The Tim Hawkins” podcast, which also features his wife Heather, daughter Olivia and son-in-law Luke. A father of four and a grandfather of one, Hawkins’ main goal is to “make people laugh as hard as humanly possible.”