4 SWCHS DECA Students Qualify for DECA Internationals

4 SWCHS DECA Students Qualify for DECA Internationals

Published March 7, 2023

With a record number of Southwest Christian students qualifying for the State DECA in 2023, four students earned hardware and qualified for internationals. The last time the Stars had four qualifiers for internationals was the first year of SWCHS DECA in 2019.

  • Libby Heimer placed 1st for Principles of Business Administration and finished in the top eight for her advanced employment interview.
  • Maria Stuessi placed 2nd in the state for Entrepreneurship Series
  • Gordie Molin placed 4th in the state for Principles of Hospitality & Tourism
  • Sean Johnson placed 5th in the state for Human Resources Management. Sean also finished in the top 20 for top test scores in the state of Minnesota.

Nora Vietzen, Maria Stuessi, and Julia Barce also placed in the top eight for their Sales Project, however, they did not receive an official bid to ICDC. This is the furthest a group project has made it in school history.

The students were led by advisors Alexis Harsh and Lindsey Johnson. These four students will receive bids to attend ICDC in Orlando, Florida on April 22–25. Congratulations on a successful season!