Published March 17, 2020

Tips for eLearning Success *Taken from Northeastern University

  1. Treat online classes like real classes – get in the habit of sitting down to “do class” whether you are meeting with your teacher online or working independently. This helps keep your mind focused and will help you keep organized.
  2. Set reasonable goals and keep your self accountable – Did you sit down to attend every class today? Did you put in time doing homework today? Did you take breaks? Set these types of goals then check in with your friends and parents. Set up a study group to keep each other motivated.
  3. Create a regular schedule and manage your classes – Your teachers will be giving you a weekly agenda on Traditional days, use this to plot out your week. Schedule your class times so you can prepare yourself to be in school during the day. Don’t assume you will have extra free time just because it is eLearning from home.
  4. Create a study place  – Have some fun, set a mood in your study place, get a cup of coffee but be careful to not get too comfy. Don’t use your favorite couch and be sure to turn off distractions. Having a study place you go to for school work helps your mind focus when you are in that zone.
  5. Remove Distractions – Be vigilant at removing things that distract you. We cannot multitask nearly as well as we think we can. You will be happier if you are 100% in the moment you are in. When it’s time for school be 100% in school. When it is time to take a break be 100% in your break.
  6. Reach out to others – work with others who encourage you to be motivated, create study groups and check-in with each other. Take breaks together to play games or talk.

April Schedule:

For the month of April, our weekly academic schedule has changed slightly. In order to maintain a consistent schedule and rhythm for eLearning, here is the schedule for the next five weeks:
  • Each week will have the same 5-day schedule
    • Mondays: “Traditional Monday” eLearning schedule
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays: eLearning ODD days
    • Wednesdays and Fridays: eLearning EVEN days
  • Changes to our old April calendar:
    • Friday, April 10 will now be an eLearning EVEN day
    • Friday, April 24 will now be a full day, eLearning EVEN day

Weekly Schedule

Traditional Mondays
  • Students will receive an agenda & additional instructions from their teachers for the week on Google Classroom. The agenda will indicate if students will meet online during the scheduled class time(s) for the rest of the week.
  • Students will not be expected to report to any class on eLearning Traditional Mondays, but they will work independently on the agenda & classwork.
  • Teachers will be available throughout the workday to answer student questions.
Odd Days / Even Days
  • Synchronous meetings can happen only during scheduled class times.
  • Asynchronous classwork can be posted at the start of the school day (at, say, 7 a.m. on the day of class) so that students can do that work on their own schedule.
  • If your teacher requested you meet online, they will ask you to report online at your regular class time.

Getting Tech Help

  • We are unsure how tech support looks in an environment with so many variables (home wifi, teacher’s home wifi, Chromebooks, etc.)
  • We will do the best we can to help you if you have tech problems.
  • Feel free to email me if you run into problems or have questions.
** If you are experiencing slow internet at home, make sure you are not running large amounts of streaming services unrelated to school (i.e. Spotify, Netflix, video games, etc.) which could be eating up your network speed.