Prayer for Our City

Published April 13, 2021

Dear SWCHS families,

I write this with a heart deeply troubled by the tragic encounter that resulted in the shooting of Daunte Wright. This is especially difficult as it occurs under the shadow of the trial of Derek Chauvin, reminding us of the pain our city and nation experienced after the death of George Floyd.

While this is an unfolding situation and it appears the officer killed Daunte Wright accidentally, the loss of this young man’s life grieves us. The Southwest Christian High School teachers and staff recognize and empathize with the outcry of hurt we see unfolding in Brooklyn Park and around our city.

This is our city; these are our neighbors. We teach our students that God placed them in this time, in this place, for His purpose, so we believe we need to be especially attentive to those in front of us who hurt. We pray for calm and peace to prevail on our streets; we lament with those who suffer. As Christ-followers who are called to mourn with those who mourn, we turn with compassionate hearts towards all those who are grieving.

We have worked as a community to listen attentively to our families with students of color, and we recognize the pain, anger and fear this situation and others like it evokes in the broader African-American community. Join us in asking God to comfort and heal all those who grieve and suffer because of these recent events.

In the midst of this brokenness, let us not forget: we serve a God who has conquered sin and death and, through Jesus Christ, is proclaiming His message of love, mercy, justice, and reconciliation as He makes all things new.

In Christ,
Dan Beckering
Southwest Christian High School