Southwest Christian High School Privacy Policy


If an individual cancels at least five (5) business days before an extra-curricular class,
camp, or event begins, fees will be refunded in full. The full fee remains due for an
extra-curricular class, camp, or event canceled five (5) or fewer business days in
advance. If an extra-curricular class or camp must be canceled, please call
952.556.0040 to speak with our finance office.


While it is not the practice of Southwest Christian High School to return gifts or fees
once they are made, we do acknowledge instances in which a donation or registration is
made in error. Common examples include: making more than one gift in a given time
period, miscommunication between spouses or partners, etc.
In that event, the School will first suggest applying the gift/fee to the next fiscal year or
transferring the gift/fee to another program or initiative. If neither of those options meet
the donors’ intentions, the School will issue a full refund.


All extra-curricular classes and camps are offered with a money-back satisfaction


Southwest Christian High School’s privacy policy governs our camps, extra-curricular
classes, fundraisers and donations, with the exceptions noted below.

We do not share your contact information with third parties. However, in the case of a
co-sponsored event, contact information of those attending or requesting information
may be shared between Southwest Christian High School and the co-sponsor(s).

As we change our use of technology for our website and our customer database, our
information practices may change from time to time. If and when that happens, we will
post the policy changes on our web site to notify you of the changes. If you have
concerns about our privacy policies or changes that we make, please call us at