1:1 Program

Every Southwest Christian student has a Chromebook and has access to a Google Drive account. SWCHS is committed to using technology in a way that will maximize learning and promote the responsible use of electronic media in the life of a student. 

Chromebooks connect to the internet and allow information to be viewed, created, and stored. Nothing is stored on the Chromebook as all data storage is done on the cloud. The Chromebook cannot download and run software programs. Computers have independent operating systems, software programs, and data storage, while Chromebooks are only displays. The operating systems, programs and data storage are on the cloud. There are several manufacturers that make Chromebooks, but they all use the same Google software.

  • Content filtering is provided while logged into the SWCHS wifi network. Outside of school, parents are responsible for content filtering.
  • Students are expected to bring their charged Chromebook to school each day.
  • If students have trouble with their Chromebook, tech support is available in the media center.
  • Students are responsible for repair fees if they damage their Chromebook. If the device fails, unrelated to the student, the school will cover the costs.

School Portal

Student schedules, grades, assignments, and much more are accessed on our school log in site. Usernames and passwords are created when a student first joins the SWCHS community. This log in information will be used all four years. The log in page is available in the top navigation bar on the home page.