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Courageous Conversations

SWCHS has launched a new initiative where students can voluntarily participate in lunchtime conversations around issues that are often divisive. 

The conversations are called “Courageous Conversations" although they are not linked to the organization by that name. Courageous Conversations are intended to allow students to have honest, loving conversations as followers of Christ about difficult topics. Such topics include "Race and Diversity," "Same-Sex Attraction," and "Politics and our Christian Faith." 

These conversations are directed by select staff and involve students who voluntarily register. In the past year they have proven to be very meaningful times together; producing heartfelt and stretching moments for our students to hear the pain of others, to hear differing perspectives, and to engage those within and without our community with the Truth and love of Christ. 

For clarity on what SWCHS believes about issues such as these, you can access our social position statements here. Please pray for increased student participation, for the Kingdom of God to be advanced, and for our students to further seek, know, live, and proclaim the Truth through these conversations.  

Brian Goldie

Brian Goldie

Director of Spiritual Formation, Philosophy & Worldview Faculty