Lunch Program

The food service program is provided to students in partnership with Lunch Thyme.

March Menu


April Menu


General Information

  • Lunch price: $4.50
    Hot lunch, salad bar, or sandwich line (Includes milk)
  • Snacks: $0.50+
  • Additional beverages: $1.25+
  • A la carte items: $1.50+
  • Breakfast: $1.50+

Prepay Information

All hot lunch funds are administered through, an online program, where parents can add funds and monitor lunch usage. All students have an account; however, registration is need to set up lunch payment! We strongly recommend that you set up a low balance alert.

To add money to your student’s lunch account:


  • Go to
If you are a new user, click to register
  • Once you have entered the information, select “Manage Students”
  • Enter your child’s name and student ID number (7 digits)
You can load money in your child’s lunch account via credit card with a small charge.
  • When you first register, you will need to wait to be verified by K12 before your account is activated


  • Submit cash, check, or credit/debit card payments (payable to SWCHS) and give to the lunch cashier or in the black box on the lunch room wall
  • NEW! Students can now use their Student ID cards instead of their PIN# to make purchases in the lunchroom

***Parents: Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your child’s account! If your child’s account goes below –$25, they will not be allowed to purchase any items.